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Beginning in January of 2017 Dexter Family Practice will be holding new wellness classes for our patients. A weight loss clinic will be held the third Thursday of each month and a Diabetes class will be held the fourth Thursday of each month. Both classes are from 10:00 to 11:00am. Lauren Gaudet, Health Educator will be leading the classes at no cost. For more information please contact our office at 207-924-7349.

Choosing Wisely centers around conversations between providers and patients informed by the evidence-based recommendations of “Things Providers and Patients Should Question.” More than 70 specialty society partners have released recommendations with the intention of facilitating wise decisions about the most appropriate care based on a patients’ individual situation. Dexter Family Practice is participating in this program and will assist our patients in making the best decision for them and their health. For more information select the link below.

REIKI SESSIONS & CLASSES We offer an integrative, credible, grounded approach to the practice and teaching of Reiki. We practice Traditional Reiki from the Usui System of Natural Healing: Usui Shiki Ryoho. We are 5th descendants in lineage to Mikao Usui and our structure, therefore, is very traditional, balanced, simple and straightforward. We do not use other energy systems while in Reiki sessions such as crystals, massage, acupressure, etc. We also do not use Tibetan symbols in our Reiki practice, only the Sanskrit originally used by Sensei Usui. Classes are wonderful and cost-effective alternatives to single Reiki sessions and frequent visits to a health practitioner. Spending the time and fee for the classes is an investment, as you are paid over and over again by saving time and money. Great for those who suffer with chronic illness and for probable elimination of late-night emergency-room visits for parents! Classes offered: Reiki classes for levels I and II and Mastership/Teacher (our lineage teaches only one class mastership/teacher, not divided into two). Classes are taught in person as humanity is further nourished by physical hands-on for attunements as well as intimacy for questions from students. We keep our classes small on purpose and so space is limited. HOW THIS HELPS Reiki [Ray-KEY), is the practice of facilitating the flow of qi, (life force energy from Source/God), through hands-on placement on the body or slightly above the body. This energy intuitively enters the body of the client by way of the practitioners hands and brings with it relaxation so the body can begin to balance and heal. Sometimes people who present to our office (and long-distance clients) are so physically compromised that any other modality we utilize, though gentle, is still too much for their bodies to handle. Reiki provides such a deep relaxation, the client typically falls asleep when much healing takes place, and because they are relaxed, they are able to receive the healing energy. To schedule a session contact Gil and Bonnie Levesque at

SAIL!!! Stay Active and Independent for Life Group Exercise Class. The class is composed of an aerobic, balance, strength, and stretch session. Education about fall prevention is also provided. This class is offered twice a week when in session. In addition to this group exercise, Dexter Family Practice now has a gym space with multiple pieces of exercise equipment to be utilized for FREE by our patients.