The Philosophy of Reddy Health Center is to provide comprehensive primary care services to the greater Penquis area. Dexter Family Practice provides cost-effective healthcare involving patient education, updated provider knowledge with emphasis on preventative healthcare, as well as intervention in illness and trauma while promoting mental and physical well being.

Our goal of a commitment to education as a major vehicle will promote good health habits and improve the individual's estimate of self worth, and achieve and maintain a safe and healthful environment for individual patients and the community as a whole. We strive to bring in as many patient services as possible to the health center from which we practice.

Reddy Health Center provides primary care services as well as urgent care, pain management, addiction medicine, procedure clinics, nutrition/weight management, and chronic disease education. In addition to those services, and Mental Health Services are located in the health center.

Reddy Health Center is located at 51 High Street, Dexter, Maine 04930